3am Workouts

Today at 3:00am under the early morning veil of darkness – I dragged my groggy ass down the hall way in jocks, business socks, and Nikes to my exercise bike. The first 5 minutes weren’t pretty, but the next 40 minutes worked a treat.

Working out before your day starts is a hugely popular topic and a common them popping up in the habits of the super successful. The only issue for me is that my day STARTS at 5.

3:00am it is.

I made the decision to get up at this woefully early hour during a session with a long-term client of mine. The story started with me reminiscing on the life and routine I had built for myself just a few years ago on the Gold Coast. I would workout at 4:00, cruise through the morning routine (coffee, meditation, journal and puppy pats) and still be prettied up for my first client starting at 6:00am. Life was sweet, abs were showing and I was super focussed every single day.

Until, my beautiful wife decided it was time for kids – and time to move home.

Fast forward to today. Living in Brissy, brand new personal training business built, happy life with a beautiful wife and not to mention a brand new baby daughter! But here’s the sticky bit, I was getting a little chubby. Think, 4-6 weeks of lazy diet, a few too many Christmas libations and a steep decrease in training hours. Not silly enough that any of my clients noticed, but definitely enough for me to really feel like pushing things in the fitness department.

Complaining away to Jay, I threw up excuse after excuse as to why getting my workout in at 3:00 in the morning was just ridiculous. What if I wake the baby? What if I get too tired to work? What will it be like going to bed earlier at night?

Classic. A minor lifestyle change totally blow out of proportion by your brain. A left over, useless safety mechanism from ancient times meant to keep us alive – keeping me feeling fat.

I realised just how silly I was sounding. Sure, six out of seven days I have 5:00am session at the gym. Sure, I might not be the party animal or life of the party after 9:00pm. But what would I get back? PLUS I am waking up at 3:30 for the new bub any way. It’s a 30minute trade.

A 30 minute sacrifice for 100% freedom of training.

My mind started spinning. What adjustments/trades could I make to ensure that this new rise time wouldn’t effect me?

  1. You need to REALLY limit drinking to 1-2 days / week max
  2. No more late night youtube binges
  3. PREP PREP PREP – if your gear isn’t ready to go the night before, you’re going to have a bad day.
  4. Golf. It has to go – it winds up your back anyway and the few beers after are blowing that midsection anyway.

I was sold.

Completely sold.

3:00am it is.

Truth time: It sucked. It was early, even the dog looked at me like “what the hell are you doing”. But It felt pretty damn good when I was finished! The timer buzzer came around way sooner than expected, I caught up on not one but two of my favourite you tube channels AND I basically sprinted into my first PT session at the gym.

Try some thing. Try anything.

If you need change, make it.

Just be aware that it might be at 3am.