A guide to running downhill

Ok, so you have started your health and fitness change. Once and for all you are becoming the person that you always wanted to be.

You are a month in or maybe a year. The weight is steadily moving, your mood is improving and all things are lining up perfectly.

Time for a little sabotage?

We are strange creatures that when all is fine and dandy, we go looking for trouble. That’s right, when all is sunshine and rainbows it makes us feel good, to feel bad. A grazed knee, a turned ankle, yea that’s the stuff. Just so that you know that its not easy to feel this good.

You might even find that you go out of your way to FIND some of this discomfort when everything is going good.


Its totally fine to run down hill baby. Let the slope take you and don’t let your self get in the way. Keep going , keep turning those feet over one after another. There will be other mountains to climb, other times where your work and suffering will be needed. But not now.

Keep running