Aaron Sansoni Principles applied to your fitness goals: Fitness advice from Entrepreneur’s Summit 2019


I went to Aaron’s Entrepreneur Summit today (20/2/2019) and didn’t even stay the whole day.

His words, incredible story and the letters M.A.I.A had me racing out the door at lunch to get home and get to WORK! Aaron’s push for Massive And Immediate Action is EXACTLY what I needed today to yank me out of my slump and I know it can help you too.

Here’s how it applies to your fitness goals in 2019.

Being a best-selling author, international speaker, investor, philanthropist (all while running his own Venture Capital Company) – you can tell that Aaron is an action driven guy. This morning I had the pleasure of having my lazy ass handed to me during his presentation on how he uses Massive And Immediate Action (MAIA) to help himself and his students achieve greatness in business. The beautiful thing; applying this strategy, these four letters to your daily life could change your health and fitness forever.

Now, let me clarify. Though I am far from a business magnate myself, I do know fitness. I do know that every single week people are walking in and out of gyms (some taking the f*&cking escalator to the front door) and doing the absolute minimum.

That is not going to change you.

I mean it. Here is your current recipe for failure:

  1. Walk comfortably (barely breaking a sweat and bored) on a treadmill a couple of days per week. Usually starting on January 10th because, let’s face it – you were hung over for the first week of the year.
  2. Carry over your shitty desk-bound work posture onto the treadmill. Amplify this by focussing intently on the TV episode your watching on your phone and not your workout.
  3. Repeat week on week, un-guided, un-satisfied and see absolutely no progress on the scales or your fitness.
  4. Make sure you top up your “good training” week with a few extra beers or choc-chip cookies because you deserve it.

Voila. Fat for another year thinking thank god it’s time to pull on those winter clothes that covers it all up.

Stop. I’m begging you. There is a way. Aaron is onto something


ATTACK IT! Every day, every hour, every minute, every second until you see change.


Health and fitness, weight loss, or a gargantuan business are not prizes that can be won in a day.  

But you can win, you have to win ONE day before anything will change.

Then win another.

I want you to RACE to your first MAIA day. Charge through your first MAIA week and I dare anyone to try and stop your blasting straight through your first MAIA month. Then you can tell me that fitness is too hard. Your just not hitting hard enough.

Throw your damn junk food out right now! Pull the beers out of the fridge! Buy some shoes and move now, if you can’t afford shoes – move anyway!

Lastly, Get a damn trainer. These people are here for you and your results and they want to help.

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Just go. Go massive and go immediately.