I love guiding and motivating real people to find a better, healthier version of themselves...

Do you suffer from sore painful joints?

Do you struggle with finding the motivation to stick to new years resolutions?

Has fat loss remained a mystery that you can’t quite crack?

My name’s Dan and I’m here for you.

Its no secret at all that the transformations my clients achieve are truly life altering.

The big secret…


My clients don’t change because of some special formula or magic contraption!

My clients transform for themselves, for their families, for their loved ones.

I’m just good at finding out what the REAL motivation is.

That’s where the magic happens Every single day I work with clients of all shapes and sizes to achieve bodies and physiques outside of their wildest dreams.
You could want to shed those couple of kilos that appeared out of nowhere during your pregnancy, shape up for a beach trip with the girls in a few months or even take your new found strength to a competition or obstacle race!

You might have a sore back that is stopping you playing with your kids, or that dodgy knee could be holding you back from starting the social touch football team you always wanted to.

My passion is finding out what truly makes you happy and giving you the body to do it.

If this sounds like what you need, lets book a strategy call and get started...

A bit about me…

I want you to feel amazing!

Dan Jeffs is an Exercise Physiologist, Personal Trainer and wellness coach with over 8 years professional experience in the Health and Fitness industry (not to mention thousands of hours of training, sport and competition under his belt). With a Goal of starting 10,000 beginners on their health and fitness journey – he will get you motivated and give you the tools to succeed.

Graduating from the university of queensland with a bachelor of Human Movement Studies (maj Clinical Exercise Physiology) Dans clinical ability allows him to take injured, immobile clients and transform them into high performing athletes.

Seeing himself as a teacher and a ‘professional simplifier’, Dan’s ability to make complex principles easy to digest is his true strength. Giving his clients a Health & fitness strategy along with the necessary nutrition, motivation and mindset is what makes Dan so repeatedly effective at changing lives.

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