Action over everything

It doesn’t matter what the date is. It doesn’t matter hwat date is coming up. It doesn’t matter how fancy the occasion or how important it seems in your head right now. It doesn’t matter. None of it matters more than your actions right now.

The fitness world thrives on dates. Arbitrary lines in the sand that we decide our new direction. The start of an eight week challenge. The changing of a date from 2019 to 2020. An upcoming wedding (ours or someone else’s). A birthday, an anniversary. None of it fucking matters.

No amount of pressure, cajoling or wishing with eyes pressed shut is going to change you. Nothing, but your actions changes you.

Classically you would be coached that it is brain first. You decide you want to lose weight and then you start eating salads and running your ass around the block at 5:00am in the dark.

But what do you think comes with this lifestyle change?

Resistance. That’s what.

An image of person who loves sleeping in, indulging in far too many tubs of Ben and Jerrys squeezing uncomfortably – who are we kidding… FUCKING uncomfortably into a pair of tights. Chafing be damned.

Square peg round hole any one?

It is not until you change. Like. Now change. Immediately this second, no turning back FUCK YEA change. That the effect truly takes hold.

Saying that you are going to stop drinking coffee is one thing. Stopping mid-way through a piccolo because you decide right then and there that caffein and your belly don’t mix – another thing entirely.

You have the power to change but I want to give you the secret. The body will do the work the brain doesn’t want to if you let it move first. In business and boardgames we call this first mover’s advantage. By moving first you by default place the opposition into a reactive state. You have the control. I want you to do this with your body. Before you even pause to think for a minute about the morning temperature, prepare your gym clothes. Get them on the chair immediately beside your bed  – right now.

Your chance of going to the gym tomorrow morning just went up.

Now. Make sure your water bottle is full. A trivial walk to the kitchen tomorrow will fix this sure, but having it done now means the resistance  is reduced.

Last. When your alarm goes off in the morning. Stand up. Put your shoes on. Walk.

Action first.