Be afraid, be very afraid: Thoughts on day zero of your fitness journey.

It’s Sunday. The day before “it” starts. The new workout routine. The new eating plan and the new way of life that you, yes you, have chosen. How you should feel? Probably a little nervous. Maybe you hang on a little tightly to the bad habits you are trying to change. Maybe you look for “one last hurrah” which is cathartic at the time but also hamstrings you from actually making any real progress ‘starting Monday’. If there is a base anxiety bubbling up, that is normal.  If it feels like you are on the precipice, about to jump – that’s normal. If there is a small churning in your gut and you feel that ‘lean away’ feeling creep in – lean in instead.

This is the resistance. The fear of change and new. The worry around storm clouds that come from the south, not the north. The rustle in the brush that could be wind, or a tiger.

Don’t be afraid.

Or more appropriately – be afraid, its normal and its fine, just act like you’re not.

Act like that tiger was exactly what you wanted jumping out of the bush. You wanted the challenge, the test and the teeth. You have readied yourself as best you can against the incoming storm and now there is nothing left but a long (albeit cold) shower outside.

Afraid is fine – it’s what you do when you’re afraid that makes the difference.

A parting thought. Decreasing your booze intake from 10 beers to 9 will certainly not give you these feelings. There is nothing scary about decreasing by 10%. There is no resistance to miniscule change. That’s because a 10% shift is not actually going to change you.

If you feel afraid – good. Take this as an indicator that you are doing big things. That you are moving towards a bigger future.

You want this. You are choosing these changes. I hope they are a little scary for you and I hope that you are selfish in how you go about them.