Learn to love your own applause

At school we learn to seek approval. To go after the A+, the teachers award and the applause of the class when you receive it.

At work, very little is different. Sure you are a little older and that youthful lunch hour is now gone – but everything is much the same. You turn up, do as you’re told and hope that you get a good mark on your report card (quarterly evaluation).

But what about you. Are you happy with what you have done?

Are you happy with the amount of time you have spent in the office vs the amount of time spent with loved ones? What about your health, is that something worth applauding? Or are you onto your third double espresso today before 9:00am? Or maybe your third cocktail, on a Tuesday.

You need to seek your own applause.

Right now I am working in the dark. I am moving, pushing, pulling and straining against a few challenges in my own life and I love it.

The crazy thing, I am doing it for myself more than ever.

I am a great example of doing things for other people. Keeping up with cars, houses, appearance  – you name it. I am a sucker to let people know what I am going to do before I do it and I love the instant hit of dopamine I receive when my plans fall on supportive ears. But then it never gets done. Why should it? I have already received the sugar-rush like wash of happy feelings I was chasing all along.

So no more.

From today I will continue to move in the dark. To work on my goals for me. To move my self into a better place one step at a time. To eat, train, work, without seeking any applause other than my own.

The funny thing, I bet this will earn me the applause of many.