Back to the barbell

For me the barbell is a base point. Like a homing pigeon I return here time and time again. A home base. A recurring theme from a younger, more vibrant stage. A comfortably uncomfortable pair of shoes that you love slipping into when the time is right.

But why was the time ever wrong? What caused you to stray into laziness and not seek constant growth? Why now are you back to the grind?

And how much does it fucking hurt.

What we forget about good habits is that they will draw you back. They will call for you when you are walking off the path.  But, and there’s always a but – getting back on the path sucks. You would be tempted to think that you simply require one swift and well guided step to get back onto that beautifully paved road, but you’d be mistaken. They call it the high road because it is exactly that. High and hard to reach. You’ll likely need to climb your ass off for days to get yourself course-corrected. That is the toll required for the benefit. The cost for the creation. Your first week back on a good set of habits will be a struggle. Your body and mind will protest.

Don’t listen.

Firstly think back to when the process seemed effortless. When your progress was all but guaranteed and your feet naturally took you back to the gym. When the over indulgence slipped away and the programming stayed tight. When the kilos shifted either off your ass or off the floor and you felt like a million bucks.

Wait for it. It will take hold before you know it. But you need to be patient.