Clean white sand

If you’re looking for a crisp white beach devoid of footprints, don’t expect it at the end of a two hundred meter walk.

The beach for me is something sacred. Whenever I spend time here, my mind tends to drift. I’m not sure if it’s the ever-moving nature of the water, the wind, or the simple beauty of crisp white sand.


Enter stage left – three screaming kids, a misguided football and one idiot who is still smoking ten years after the ban was put in place. Serenity evaporates and my consciousness is snapped fully back to the present.

I wish I was on a different beach.

I wish I was on an island inhabited by only incredible people. People I would want to hang out with, work out with and drink a few tequilas with as the sun sets. There would probably only be a few of us and the ticket price to get onto this island would be high.

Every morning I would walk along the dunes, wife and daughter in hand, dog sniffing along 50 meters in front.

In front of us, not a foot print to be seen.

Unfortunately friends, this beach does not exist at the end of a one hour drive, or even a four hour plane flight. No, I am thinking this beach is hundreds of thousands of miles away. Millions of small steps.

Today I promise I will chip a few off that total.

Crowded beaches are exactly that – for the crowds. Easy to get to, and cheap to stay at. The food you’ll find there is relatively easy to get a hold of, the quality dubious at best. And the people much the same.

If this is what you want for your life, there are beaches all over you can visit.

If you want to hang out on my beach, here are the entry criteria.

You need to be making an impact on people. You need to be changing lives, a few or many in a positive way. You need to be making a difference, challenging the status quo daily. You need to have love in your heart and above all you must be grateful that you even have a heart that is beating. You need to smile a lot and cry if you need to. You need to be willing to work your body, sweat and grind from time to time – this also applies to your mind. Thinking is an essential key to staying on my beach. If your thinking slips, is back to the crowd you go.

I am trying to build a beach you want to visit, that I want to visit. If it sounds like the place you want to experience, let me know. Maybe together we can build it faster.