The start of something incredible: New beginnings are rarely what they seem

If you are setting out on a sprint to the finish line, one last charge before Christmas – this short piece is for you. You might think that all is new, that this is the beginning. Let met set you straight, friends.

You are in the middle. This is just another leg of your journey. An exciting detour. Enjoy it.

From me to you at 4:00am in a PT locker room.

Sitting here for you today, I am rethinking on the title of this blog.

I mean, am I really starting anything? Hasn’t it taken me years to get to the point where I understand myself enough to find the right path. The process that makes me more than I am today. The connected pieces that put together show a picture of me.

This is not a start. This is simply a deviation. A turned corner, in the same car. A turned page, a new chapter, same book.

I am not ‘starting’ anything.

What I am starting is to look at things differently. To think differently on old assumptions. To pause, to reflect and to correct course quickly when I deviate from where I set out to end up.

Piece by piece I will make this week better than it would have been without my effort.

Slowly I will build momentum and by the third day I can assure you my forward movement will sweep me off my feet.

Like paddling in before the wave takes hold – I can’t begin to describe my excitement to you.

I hope you like the writing that comes out on the other end.