Be nice to yourself: how negative self-talk is killing your weight loss

Being a high level coach is something I truly pride myself on. My clients are my world and I honestly would do anything for them.

Listening into the Tim Ferriss podcast recently, Tim was divulging the incredibly negative and sometimes simply appalling self-talk running through his mind and it hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I’m an asshole.

To myself.

It took a few days to really hit home, but my hunch turned into a full blown epiphany following a phone call with a great friend and life coach living on the gold coast. As the discussion continued, I finally found the courage to divulge to this friend my feelings and recent realisation that my internal monologue was far from PG. AND that often I was so harsh on myself, the opposite of what I actually intended to happen… happened.

Think about your last diet blowout. Did you call your self a name? Maybe call yourself such a bad name that you then decided “Well F&*k it. If I’m such a terrible person for breaking my diet, Ill just start it next week”?. If you’re anything like me, this is exactly how the emotional roller coaster plays out.

The result. Four missed days of good food, and in exchange spending those days eating and drinking like an unchaperoned 5 year old at a birthday party.


Which version of Dan eats more of the wrong calories?

Dan 1: “Hmm… Probably shouldn’t have gone so crazy at the ramen shop yesterday… but MAAAAAAAN it was so good. Not a worry, slipups like this happen but you need to limit these moving forward if you are going to really make an impact on your physique.”

Dan 2: “You f*&king idiot. You have dropped the ball again.  Man, every time. You train well, eat well but one lunch out with mates and you are back into the food and beers like before. If I’m honest, you will probably muck it up again tomorrow too. You know what just start again on Monday loser.”

By now I’m positive you see my point. Overreacting to your diet slip ups is only going to drive you TOWARDS those mistakes in the future.

You need to change, absolutely. You can’t keep eating / acting poorly and expect a result.

Just go about that change nicely, for once. You deserve it.