Fishing sucks, if all you want is fish.

I have been thinking hard on process vs product goals for months and have had some huge realisations. Setting your “goal” is about as useless as tits on a bull if you don’t then set forth the requisite steps needed to achieve it. Then make THAT your goal. Sometimes (read as most of the time) the steps needed are not … Read More

Early morning musings

As I sit writing  this for you at 4:30 in the morning, I want you to know I am happy. Sitting, smiling like a fool tapping away on my keyboard on this dark, cold July morning. This is not a story of how great my life is and how yours pales in comparison I promise you. I don’t own a … Read More

The day after perfect: Don’t worry if it breaks

This health and fitness thing isn’t easy. Its simple. Frustratingly so at times. But it isn’t easy. I want to talk to you about the day after I last decided to really “hit it” for a month. I totally flopped it. Waking up that morning, everything was looking perfect. I had a short day at work, my food was prepped … Read More

Don’t be a donkey: Fitness advice from the 14th century

Don’t be a donkey. Move your ASS! This one is going to go way back. 14th century sort of way back, when French Philosopher Jean Buridan described the paradox of free will using a donkey. This poor donkey (or Buridan’s Ass as it later became known) was stuck in a dilemma of choice one day. Equally hungry and thirsty, and … Read More

Fitness tips from a Lioness

Sleep, it will make you happy. A few hours short here and there and you are at a disadvantage (whether you feel it or not) My point: I bet you don’t sleep enough. AND I bet you are slowly becoming grumpy and fat. Sleep is natures wonder drug that is going to transform you from a tired, overweight, stressed out pessimist. … Read More

Why are you even here?

Before you run off, please pause. This is not another ‘find your purpose, find your place’ piece. Its not even a ‘go and buy this book’ post, although you probably should. By the end of this article I just want you thinking. Sitting for a moment and really drilling down into why the hell you want to be fit and … Read More

Why drinking is bad for you… and why you love it.

Currently 3 espresso martinis deep … so excuse the sloppy writing. Its totally normal to be afraid of stuff Like a lot of stuff For the last couple of thousand years, if something moved, something looked out of place or you got a “funny” feeling – there was a chance you were going to die. Literally. A couple of shades … Read More

Long-timers: what happens after the diet ends?

The long timers This is not an article about prison life. I don’t think At the ripe old age of 29 with 15+ years of workouts under my belt, something hit me profoundly. I don’t want to train any more. I don’t want to diet for 8 weeks, I don’t want to grind, conquer, limp, recover repeat. I just want … Read More

Discipline equals freedom: A Navy Seal approach to fitness

Before you even read a word of this post, I need you to check someone out. Jocko Willink. Ex navy seal commander, head of navy seal training and just all round bad-ass. If there was ever a comic book hero come to life moment. This guy is probably it. I was first introduced to jocko via the Tim Ferriss podcast. … Read More