Progressing vs Professing

Maybe its time to keep a secret. Do something. For you. And let the world find out on their own. We are all flawed beings. We love to get credit. We love to be admired. We love nothing more than to proclaim our good intent to the world and reap the applause of the crowd. But what was the applause … Read More

Small faltered steps: How to keep going when your fitness goals fall over

Watching my beautiful young daughter learn to run the other day, I saw a lot of myself. Not in her eyes, her hair colour or any of the usual familial traits. In her will. This bright eyed, wild haired 19month old raced down that grassy hill again and again. Falling on her face almost every time. But that wouldn’t stop … Read More


Do it for yourself. Make time for you. Find some space to be alone for once. These are words and thoughts that are taboo in our culture. They are the epitome of self over others that is so readily disgraced by the masses. It is the self in the centre, the one above the whole. The member over the tribe. … Read More

Be afraid, be very afraid: Thoughts on day zero of your fitness journey.

It’s Sunday. The day before “it” starts. The new workout routine. The new eating plan and the new way of life that you, yes you, have chosen. How you should feel? Probably a little nervous. Maybe you hang on a little tightly to the bad habits you are trying to change. Maybe you look for “one last hurrah” which is … Read More

Old Faithful

Is there a type of dessert you turn to when you’re not feeling your best? How about a beach you return to year on year to recharge your batteries over summer? Maybe it’s an old pair of jeans that always fit right over the top of your favorite cowboy boots. Whatever it is, and whatever the need, we all have … Read More

Action over everything

It doesn’t matter what the date is. It doesn’t matter hwat date is coming up. It doesn’t matter how fancy the occasion or how important it seems in your head right now. It doesn’t matter. None of it matters more than your actions right now. The fitness world thrives on dates. Arbitrary lines in the sand that we decide our … Read More


Your health and fitness journey will have its stages, milestones, stepping stones and puddles. This road to progress, oh mythical progress – is fraught with danger friends. There are wrong turns, pot holes and bumps in the road that threaten to shake your hands loose from that steering wheel for good. But don’t give in. Keep your grip on the … Read More

Tactical retreat vs quitting: When to give up on fitness

Just because you aren’t charging the hill right now, doesn’t mean you’ve decided to surrender the war! Honestly, I mean it. You don’t always have to be fighting, pushing and crushing it with your fitness goals. Sometimes its ok to pull back, regroup and attack again. Take it from me, a 30 year old currently fumbling his way through parenthood. … Read More

Make it, till you make it: How to overcome exercise inertia

This is an awesome quote I’ve stolen from Chase Jarvis. Entrepreneur, photographer and all round awesome guy – Chase is someone you need to know about. And listen to. In his new book creative calling, chase sits you down, smacks you in the face and tells you that you’re good enough to start creating. He is explicit in the tools, … Read More

Filtered: Don’t believe all you see on social media

Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Just an hour ago my wife received the initial proofs back from her sister’s wedding. The photos were amazing, the light grey sky that threatened to ruin the day actually gave the perfect lighting in the end. The rusted barn door looked great and of course the ladies looked incredible, but there was … Read More