Your health and fitness journey will have its stages, milestones, stepping stones and puddles. This road to progress, oh mythical progress – is fraught with danger friends. There are wrong turns, pot holes and bumps in the road that threaten to shake your hands loose from that steering wheel for good. But don’t give in. Keep your grip on the … Read More

Tactical retreat vs quitting: When to give up on fitness

Just because you aren’t charging the hill right now, doesn’t mean you’ve decided to surrender the war! Honestly, I mean it. You don’t always have to be fighting, pushing and crushing it with your fitness goals. Sometimes its ok to pull back, regroup and attack again. Take it from me, a 30 year old currently fumbling his way through parenthood. … Read More

Make it, till you make it: How to overcome exercise inertia

This is an awesome quote I’ve stolen from Chase Jarvis. Entrepreneur, photographer and all round awesome guy – Chase is someone you need to know about. And listen to. In his new book creative calling, chase sits you down, smacks you in the face and tells you that you’re good enough to start creating. He is explicit in the tools, … Read More

Filtered: Don’t believe all you see on social media

Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram. Just an hour ago my wife received the initial proofs back from her sister’s wedding. The photos were amazing, the light grey sky that threatened to ruin the day actually gave the perfect lighting in the end. The rusted barn door looked great and of course the ladies looked incredible, but there was … Read More

Sway: How to manage your fitness goal flexibility.

It’s important that you can give a little. Not to charity, not to family, not to your clients. But to yourself. If you’re anything like me you have dreams that need to be chased and goals that need ticking off. Each one of these have a million steps that need to take place and more than a few sacrifices that … Read More

Do something you like: the easiest way to start working out more often

Seek what you enjoy. Sitting here writing for you all, I should be doing something else. I should be sticking my attention elsewhere, but I don’t want to. I want to help you all improve your health and fitness and I want to get these words down as quickly as possible. Because I love it. I love the thrill of … Read More

Mummy Troubles: How to bounce back after school holidays

This is your time! With kids going back to school next week, now is when you need to start planning and preparing your health and fitness goals. I get it, school holidays are freakin’ mental. There are kids everywhere. Some of them yours, some that just showed up for the free food and some that you really have no idea … Read More

New Comfort

Comfort doesn’t need to mean luxury. It doesn’t need to mean silks, pillows and perfumes. I might mean the steady, consistent load of a barbell or the soothing tap on a keyboard. The knurling pressing every so slightly into flesh and the kilos pressing down on your shoulders. This is isn’t painful. No, this is comfort. Comfort in knowing my … Read More

Clean white sand

If you’re looking for a crisp white beach devoid of footprints, don’t expect it at the end of a two hundred meter walk. The beach for me is something sacred. Whenever I spend time here, my mind tends to drift. I’m not sure if it’s the ever-moving nature of the water, the wind, or the simple beauty of crisp white … Read More

Sand, sun, oasis, work.

If you are anything like me right now, you’re tired. Your shoulders ache from the handstand push ups your idiot friend decided to program for your Tuesday workout and your eye lids are feeling a little heavy. You might have small ache in the low left side of your back, a niggle that has hung around too long. And a … Read More