Progress through pain

Toil gives rise to skill. Pain gives rise to euphoria. And my personal favorite… ‘fuck-ups give rise to true wisdom’ – Chris Moore When was the last time you fucked up making toast? Probably somewhere in your teens right? Or was it last week when your sleepless baby led you on a caffeine addled morning of misadventure? Lessons are learned … Read More

Life, work, love, hurt, dragons & werewolves

This life thing is hard. From the moment we are thrust onto this earth the challenges begin. Breathing is new, feeding is troublesome and don’t even get me started on that crawling and walking adventure we’ve unwillingly signed up for. Then, we get to the running, jumping, falling stage. You body is in for a world of hurt here baby, … Read More

Frustrated? Good.

If progress (or your lack there of) is frustrating you. Good. Driving home after a long ass, caffeine deprived day I was in a shitty mood. Not your classic commuter rage. No bulging temple or red face to be seen here folks. Just that low hum of anger that tints the way you see the world. To get the ball … Read More

Don’t Eat the Cookie

To be honest, I don’t even want to eat the cookie. Sitting at this beautiful café in the middle of the gold coast you could easily be fooled into thinking that the world is perfect. The sun is shining through the floor to ceiling glass to my right and the awning is just perfectly obscuring that superb sunlight from my … Read More

Back to the barbell

For me the barbell is a base point. Like a homing pigeon I return here time and time again. A home base. A recurring theme from a younger, more vibrant stage. A comfortably uncomfortable pair of shoes that you love slipping into when the time is right. But why was the time ever wrong? What caused you to stray into … Read More

Bliss Balls

If you are looking for something sweet or an easy on the go snack, these are a great addition to your fridge (or freezer). Salted Caramel Bliss Balls Ingredients: 120g pitted dates 200g cashews 20g shredded coconut 1tsp tahini 1tsp vanilla Good pinch of salt flakes Method: Soak dates in boiled water for at least 20 minutes, until softened. Strain … Read More

Fishing sucks, if all you want is fish.

I have been thinking hard on process vs product goals for months and have had some huge realisations. Setting your “goal” is about as useless as tits on a bull if you don’t then set forth the requisite steps needed to achieve it. Then make THAT your goal. Sometimes (read as most of the time) the steps needed are not … Read More

Early morning musings

As I sit writing  this for you at 4:30 in the morning, I want you to know I am happy. Sitting, smiling like a fool tapping away on my keyboard on this dark, cold July morning. This is not a story of how great my life is and how yours pales in comparison I promise you. I don’t own a … Read More

The day after perfect: Don’t worry if it breaks

This health and fitness thing isn’t easy. Its simple. Frustratingly so at times. But it isn’t easy. I want to talk to you about the day after I last decided to really “hit it” for a month. I totally flopped it. Waking up that morning, everything was looking perfect. I had a short day at work, my food was prepped … Read More

Don’t be a donkey: Fitness advice from the 14th century

Don’t be a donkey. Move your ASS! This one is going to go way back. 14th century sort of way back, when French Philosopher Jean Buridan described the paradox of free will using a donkey. This poor donkey (or Buridan’s Ass as it later became known) was stuck in a dilemma of choice one day. Equally hungry and thirsty, and … Read More