Fitness tips from a Lioness

Sleep, it will make you happy. A few hours short here and there and you are at a disadvantage (whether you feel it or not) My point: I bet you don’t sleep enough. AND I bet you are slowly becoming grumpy and fat. Sleep is natures wonder drug that is going to transform you from a tired, overweight, stressed out pessimist. … Read More

Why are you even here?

Before you run off, please pause. This is not another ‘find your purpose, find your place’ piece. Its not even a ‘go and buy this book’ post, although you probably should. By the end of this article I just want you thinking. Sitting for a moment and really drilling down into why the hell you want to be fit and … Read More

Why drinking is bad for you… and why you love it.

Currently 3 espresso martinis deep … so excuse the sloppy writing. Its totally normal to be afraid of stuff Like a lot of stuff For the last couple of thousand years, if something moved, something looked out of place or you got a “funny” feeling – there was a chance you were going to die. Literally. A couple of shades … Read More

Long-timers: what happens after the diet ends?

The long timers This is not an article about prison life. I don’t think At the ripe old age of 29 with 15+ years of workouts under my belt, something hit me profoundly. I don’t want to train any more. I don’t want to diet for 8 weeks, I don’t want to grind, conquer, limp, recover repeat. I just want … Read More

Discipline equals freedom: A Navy Seal approach to fitness

Before you even read a word of this post, I need you to check someone out. Jocko Willink. Ex navy seal commander, head of navy seal training and just all round bad-ass. If there was ever a comic book hero come to life moment. This guy is probably it. I was first introduced to jocko via the Tim Ferriss podcast. … Read More

Should you bother setting goals?

Do you even need to set goals? I hope this posts makes you think a little differently. Listening to Tim Ferris host an interview with tech icon Jason fried, Tim rattled off the obligatory business question – what are your goals for the next year. Jason’s response might shock you. “I don’t really have goals”. What? A guy running a … Read More

You aren’t that special: Fitness advice from a Viking

‘Perfect’ Our social media soaked 2019 will make you think that you deserve perfect. Don’t believe the hype. ‘Perfect’ is shimmering mirage, a fantasy. You could be sitting on a white sand beach in Thailand right now, waiting on your third double pina colada delivery and still not think life is perfect. I mean really, that cocktail could have been … Read More

3am Workouts

Today at 3:00am under the early morning veil of darkness – I dragged my groggy ass down the hall way in jocks, business socks, and Nikes to my exercise bike. The first 5 minutes weren’t pretty, but the next 40 minutes worked a treat. Working out before your day starts is a hugely popular topic and a common them popping … Read More

Focus! On the long AND short

Don’t let your focus on the final prize blur your vision of the path to get there. I want you to imagine being Indiana jones right now. Starting off into a distant corner of some jungle cave after a shining gold statue. Its beautiful, the most magnificent thing you have ever seen. The jewels, the intricate carvings – simply magnificent. … Read More