Should you bother setting goals?

Do you even need to set goals? I hope this posts makes you think a little differently. Listening to Tim Ferris host an interview with tech icon Jason fried, Tim rattled off the obligatory business question – what are your goals for the next year. Jason’s response might shock you. “I don’t really have goals”. What? A guy running a … Read More

You aren’t that special: Fitness advice from a Viking

‘Perfect’ Our social media soaked 2019 will make you think that you deserve perfect. Don’t believe the hype. ‘Perfect’ is shimmering mirage, a fantasy. You could be sitting on a white sand beach in Thailand right now, waiting on your third double pina colada delivery and still not think life is perfect. I mean really, that cocktail could have been … Read More

3am Workouts

Today at 3:00am under the early morning veil of darkness – I dragged my groggy ass down the hall way in jocks, business socks, and Nikes to my exercise bike. The first 5 minutes weren’t pretty, but the next 40 minutes worked a treat. Working out before your day starts is a hugely popular topic and a common them popping … Read More

Focus! On the long AND short

Don’t let your focus on the final prize blur your vision of the path to get there. I want you to imagine being Indiana jones right now. Starting off into a distant corner of some jungle cave after a shining gold statue. Its beautiful, the most magnificent thing you have ever seen. The jewels, the intricate carvings – simply magnificent. … Read More

Jump baby, JUMP

I watched something pretty amazing this morning. A mother of two, FLYING. You heard me, off the ground and onto a knee height box. It was incredible. Almost as incredible that crept across Sara’s face when she realized just what she had accomplished. If you are a mum and you think this is impossible – think again. I met Sara … Read More

Dieting and your mental health: 5 Ways to avoid diet DEPRESSION

Losing weight is not fun. Or at least it can have its really shitty moments that make you want to throw in the towel completely and demolish a whole packet of TimTams (this is a true story from one of my clients). What I want you thinking about as your start your weight loss journey isn’t the glorious highs that … Read More

Building new fitness habits one blade of grass at a time.

Another amazing piece of wisdom I gained from the Entrepreneurs Summit 2019 came from Jamie Totino. Although I can assure you he was not speaking on the importance of good health habits. I can promise you, the mechanism is sound. I’m paraphrasing pretty heavily here but his speech to the packed Brisbane Summit sounded mostly like this: “If you walk … Read More

Effortless results: sounds like Death-free Heaven

Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die! Ok, ok, ok – I’m being a little dramatic I know, but bear with me. Do you have a friend (are you that friend) that is always shouting about how bad you want to get fit… but don’t want to put the sweat into the dream and make … Read More

Be nice to yourself: how negative self-talk is killing your weight loss

Being a high level coach is something I truly pride myself on. My clients are my world and I honestly would do anything for them. Listening into the Tim Ferriss podcast recently, Tim was divulging the incredibly negative and sometimes simply appalling self-talk running through his mind and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. I’m an asshole. To … Read More