Your health and fitness journey will have its stages, milestones, stepping stones and puddles.

This road to progress, oh mythical progress – is fraught with danger friends. There are wrong turns, pot holes and bumps in the road that threaten to shake your hands loose from that steering wheel for good.

But don’t give in. Keep your grip on the wheel, but not too tight.

Have you every driven with your insanely insecure mother in law. You know the one. The white-knuckle grip, seat pushed forward and music turned down. The one that makes you feel slightly less like driving to work tomorrow just in case there are others lunatics like her out there. The one who’s constant scanning for danger and hypersensitive reflexes make teeny-tiny-brain-jolting adjustments to the steering wheel the whole drive. The whole two hour drive…

Grip the wheel sure, just make sure your control is firm but fair. Allow the bends in the road to guide you left and right, while making sure any barriers and cliff faces are avoided.

Control is a state of mind anyway right. Now before you think I’m diving into a Fight Club-esc ‘let go of the wheel and close your eyes’ monologue. I’m not. This is not control. This is willingly giving up control of anything to nothing.

I want YOU in control.