Day one: Every thing feels the same, but everything has changed.

Day one won’t feel any different.

This morning was cold. A little colder than expected actually. But that doesn’t much matter, does it?

Today is day one.

My usual shower routine was the same, the clothes the same. The coffee to my left (thought utterly delightful) the same, and the sleeping cocker spaniel in the hall way bemused by her dad’s early morning rise and write routine. The same.

But I was sure everything was going to be different.

Last night I had planned my workout, prepped some food and even packed all of my clothes and odd assortments needed for the day. I am prepared, ready and excited for change. But it all feels the same.

This is the trap.

If you are hoping to wake up on Monday morning and feel like the world is anew and your goals are within reach – you will be disappointed.

As the proud participant of more than my fare share of  “Mondays” I can attest to this personally.

But, before I lose you with this story of dreary drudgery – there is a silver lining. What I can also attest to is the feeling that comes on day ten, or maybe day twelve. The feeling of cumulative effort and growing speed. Days and energy compounding, building momentum towards your goal. This is the real truth and something I can’t wait for you to experience.

So go about today knowing that everything will feel ‘normal’. That your job will be the same that the pillow waiting for you tonight will be the same. But that the human lying down to sleep has changed.

It is in these micro shifts that change occurs. One more cosmic vote cast for the person you want to be day in and day out is where the real magic happens.

Keep going. Tomorrow needs your same attention.