Dieting and your mental health: 5 Ways to avoid diet DEPRESSION

Losing weight is not fun.

Or at least it can have its really shitty moments that make you want to throw in the towel completely and demolish a whole packet of TimTams (this is a true story from one of my clients).

What I want you thinking about as your start your weight loss journey isn’t the glorious highs that follow a killer leg workout or the astonished look on your ex’s face when he sees how freakin’ hot you are now (with the confidence to boot) – it’s the low points. Its the times that you feel like nothing is working, the scale isn’t budging and your fifth salad for the week looks a little too close to grass clippings for you to stomach. These are going to pop up and you need to be prepared. Here is a few tips to make your journey much more enjoyable

  1. Prep Prep Prep: No one ever got sick of beautifully prepared, tasty food. EVERYONE gets sick of last minutes tossed together salads that have as much personality as Merle from accounting.
  2. Healthy ‘naughty’ meals: Cooking up an amazing hamburger, pizza or even fried chicken at home has its benefits. Firstly, you will be much less likely to over eat and have that “oh my sweet Jesus” stomach churning feeling. Secondly, you can share it! Friends of mine (PT’s and not) LOVE coming to my place for brisket burgers and sweet potato friends. WAY better than any burger you get for $9.95 and they generally bring the beer!
  3. Start meditating: This one is getting huge hit in social media of late. Billionaires are doing it, celebrities are doing it – mediation is not just for VW driving hippies my friends. Its all about focus. By training that focus muscle (I’m sure there is one in there somewhere) you are essentially safeguarding your self for slip ups. Strengthen that mind and the body will get dragged along with it.
  4. Get enough sleep: I bet you have NEVER craved a zucchini at 3:00pm following an all nighter? Am I right? Of course I am. Sugar is sleep deprivations best friend and will send you screaming into the staff room for a caramello koala if you shortcut the sleep too many nights in a row.
  5. Talk to someone: although this is the last one, I think it is by far the most important. Having someone in your life that is going to support you when things get a little rocky is THE best way to make sure you make it out the other end of any depressive slip.  A friend who can take you out for a skinny cappuccino, sneak in a fun workout or even just a long walk on the beach will DEFINTELY rip you out of your funk and get you back on track.

As a personal trainer, I have filled this role many times. I have bought countless coffees, taken clients on a park run and even laid down the verbal bitch slap that is sometimes needed to break that negative mental cycle. Whatever it takes for you guys!

Just last week one of my favourite clients decided her competition prep (that’s right, this chick was getting ready to get on stage in 6 weeks) wasn’t quite going to plan…. Soooooo she ate a whole pack of biscuits. Two days in a row. She came into our session, a little teary, a little flat and promptly let me know that the world was ending and that her dreams of a 6-pack had been destroyed in an oreo-flavoured natural disaster.

We talked it through and discovered that her crazy over eat, was already (mostly) countered by her steep increase in training that week AND that her remaining ‘excess’ calories that she consumed could be easily dispersed and corrected for in her coming weeks of diet and exercise.

Crisis averted. Kill the flashing red lights!

I saw Lis the next morning in the gym with the biggest smile on her face crushing away at her back and bis workout and the message she sent me the night before made it all worthwhile.

This is a super extreme example and most of you guys aren’t on a schedule anywhere near as tight as Lis, but the lesson is the same.

These feelings are coming.

Be prepared.