Progressing vs Professing

Maybe its time to keep a secret. Do something. For you. And let the world find out on their own.

We are all flawed beings.

We love to get credit. We love to be admired. We love nothing more than to proclaim our good intent to the world and reap the applause of the crowd.

But what was the applause for?

A statement? A few words pushed together with an exclamation point at the end?

Excuse my cynicism, but you’re full of shit.

Enjoying the praise when you proclaim your next big achievement (currently unachieved) is like taking payment in full before a job is done. And then never completing the work.

In the business world you can do this to a few different people and get away with it, but eventually the train will come to a halt with someone calling you on your shit.

In your personal world it is a lot different. If the one that you proclaim to is also your partner. Someone who has chosen and promised to love you, you can go to the well over and over again. They will praise you and praise you and your little serotonin lightbulb will burn brightly.

But what happens when the well runs dry?

What happens when they have praised and praised, supported and cared – to no result.

This is something I cannot even begin to imagine without tears welling up in my eyes.

From now on I will only REPORT progress, not profess.

From now on I will TRACK change, not TELL tales of change to come.