Why drinking is bad for you… and why you love it.

Currently 3 espresso martinis deep … so excuse the sloppy writing.

Its totally normal to be afraid of stuff

Like a lot of stuff

For the last couple of thousand years, if something moved, something looked out of place or you got a “funny” feeling – there was a chance you were going to die.


A couple of shades different in the grass on a savanna = lion. Dead.

A cool breeze you didn’t expect = monsoon. Dead

Some butterflies in your stomach before speaking to a crowd. Not dead

But it felt like that right?

Your palms got sweaty, you were breathing a little hard and (in the most extreme cases) you had your vocal folds shut so tightly you couldn’t even muster a squeak into the microphone.

Danger is real. Fear is a choice.

Seth Godin assimilates fear to your internal compass. Something that is telling you are going in the right direction. He also says you should dance with your fear.

But isn’t it always easier to dance when your drunk?

I know for me that is a freakin’ FACT!

Wedding, engagement party, or even a late night boogy at home with my wife and daughter… booze helps.

But what is it helping?

Alcohol is a depressant.

It depresses your ability to walk.

It depresses your ability to make good decisions (we have all seen the tattoos that follow a big night)

It depresses that instinct to run the opposite direction of that scary thing. And this is what I want to focus on.

Every day we are faced with challenging situations, unfavourable predicaments and downright “scary” stuff. But is any of it really going to kill you?

I’m here to promise you it won’t, and the coping mechanism you are (probably) choosing is doing you more harm than good.

A quick personal story:

Putting your thoughts online is scary enough. Leverage on that your social and professional reputation (totally in your own head) and all of a sudden you are too damn afraid to say what you think.

Fuck that.

If any of you out there also share your work online you will relate. Hell, if any of you are worried about telling your boss that his new cologne is closer to heave than heaven… you can relate.

The easiest way to avoid thinking about them… 2 or 3 beers (maybe 4) at the end of the day.

Whoosh, you feel better. The wife’s dinner tastes good so you have an extra helping. The TV snacks you were saving for Friday night football are a touch too irresistible, so you open them. That 5th beer gets opened (quickly followed by the 6th and …. Freezer chilled 7th).

Quick fitness side note: on a good day, I can crank out 50 calories or so on an exercise bike in 5minutes. Taking a conservative guess, that might take any averagely fit person 7-10 mins.

There are 156 calories in a Little Creatures Pale ale (😉 my beer of choice if any of you out there feel the need to send presents!)

That’s 15 minutes per beer.

For ME!

For most of my clients 50 cals is closer to 9-10minutes.

You simply don’t have 3hours of cardio allowance in your weekly schedule for that 6 pack you just crushed. (lets not think about the double serve dinner, sneaky handful of M’n’Ms on the couch, or the sausage egg McMuffin you swallow whole to make your belly happy the next morning!)

I really want you to enjoy life

Trust me, I love a cocktail or 2! (see the bottom for my 2 favourite recipes)

But the booze is going to be your downfall on your journey to health and fitness.

Keep it simple.

3 nights per week.

2-4 (being pretty liberal here) standard drinks on your “naughty nights”

And you will be fine.

Final thoughts – no one ever ordered fruit salad with natural yoghurt after a bottle of champagne the night before.

Alcohol is a great way to make bad decisions. Make the decision to drink wisely.

But if you are going to drink, at least do it well – mix these and shake well!

Espresso Martini: 50ml Vodka, 30ml Kahlua, 30ml of the strongest espresso you can make.

Pink Tequila: 60ml Reposado Tequila, 60mL pink grapefruit juice, 10ml Agava syrup, a pinch of salt