Early morning musings

As I sit writing  this for you at 4:30 in the morning, I want you to know I am happy. Sitting, smiling like a fool tapping away on my keyboard on this dark, cold July morning. This is not a story of how great my life is and how yours pales in comparison I promise you. I don’t own a Maserati, or a million dollar mansion. Yet. But friends, it feels as though both of those things are completely within my grasp if I am only patient long enough.

But back to my morning.

Sitting at a beat up table in the PT locker room, that virgin taste of possibly the most immaculate bullet proof coffee I have ever made gave me pause. Smile creeping across my lips and sipping from my $2 Kmart mug, (charcoal grey of course) I peered down at the word count of my document. The result caused my sheepish grin to spread a little wider. 2000. 2122 to be exact. In only four short days I had accumulated what would be considered a small essay by most Academics. Day by day, 5-10 minutes at a time, my thoughts and words had collected.

It is an odd feeling when a forgotten wager pays off. The bet was “write for 5 minutes every day or pay your friend $1000”. Ben, thanks for the motivation even though you never knew you were involved.

The habit that made it work – Every single day before your first client – write something. Allocate a minimum of 5 minutes to hunch over that blue-lit machine and stir those fleshy digits and grey matter into action.

It’s working.

I am happy knowing the words I put down every day are leading me somewhere. The keystrokes compounding like steps towards the mountain, my progress steady and sure. But what’s more exciting, is the momentum I feel building. With my progress towards the goal already concrete, I can feel my pace increasing by the day. I’ve no doubt that in the weeks, months and years to come i’ll be closer to my goal. That mountain will grow larger and more ominous on the horizon.

When that happens my pace will quicken again.

There is something about forward progress, the acknowledgement of the gap closing that pushes us along. Far from a shove in the back, progress feels more like a tailwind. Just enough to keep you comfortable in the final kilometer of your marathon. Enough to keep you moving and tap an energy source those weary legs of yours didn’t know existed.

I can feel it. And Its happening in my training as well.

To really let you in, I am also three weeks into one of the most consistent training and diet phases of my life. Booze is down. Training is up. And those feint lines that are appearing along either side of my abdomen is more enough to persuade me back to the barbell daily. This is where the process gets easy. It makes sense to eat amazing, high quality, delicious food. To add a few more reps. To sneak in some “cardio” by means of a long walk with your family. Who cares if there is a grapefruit Margarita at the end of it. You’ve earned it baby.

Process, process, process. This is how we win. Health, life, happiness, strength. Its all the same.

Time, repetitions, choice. Each is an essential, individual step forward. This is the only way.

You can do this. Now.

If you are the type of person who has never quite been able to put together the health and fitness equation, its OK. If you have struggled to find motivation, drive or (insert catchy buzz word here) you are not alone. Hell, if it feels like that setting sun is obscuring your view of that mountain on the horizon, fear not. There are people who can help.

Find a guide. Someone who has been there before.

Start small. It’s easier than you think.