Filtered: Don’t believe all you see on social media

Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram.

Just an hour ago my wife received the initial proofs back from her sister’s wedding. The photos were amazing, the light grey sky that threatened to ruin the day actually gave the perfect lighting in the end. The rusted barn door looked great and of course the ladies looked incredible, but there was something wrong. Everything in the pictures was true to the day except one thing. Something about the umbrellas held by the bridal party that looked different.

But let me take you back to the big day.

With the pitter patter of rain starting immediately after the obligatory “you may now kiss the bride” people were ducking for cover. You could have guessed (without the fancy clothes) that aunties and uncles were doing their best to re-inact pearl harbor when the first spots came down. If I’m honest it was more than a little comical. Looking around with my beautiful daughter on my hip, I had to laugh. There were over perfumed, frilly dressed (no matter how ill fitting) fifty year olds running everywhere.

Quickly snapping to action the event staff helped the most important people first and provided the bridal party a handful of umbrellas. This I’m sure, an attempt to preserve the hours spent in make-up and the lash extensions that by now were barely hanging on. Those umbrellas. Those lime green umbrellas saved the day.

So how come the umbrellas were a deep elegant shade of gray in the photos that came through? The whole photo hadn’t been grayscaled. Just the umbrellas, a completely different colour.

Sure, the tweak makes the photos look a thousand times better. The sultry grey provides the class and sophistication that Kermit green simply cannot provide.

But it wasn’t true. And it got me thinking.

I wonder how much touching up happens on your Instagram feed?

Do not be fooled by the shiny photos and filtered vistas of your social media feed. You’re only seeing the best bits of someone else’s life.