Fishing sucks, if all you want is fish.

I have been thinking hard on process vs product goals for months and have had some huge realisations.

  1. Setting your “goal” is about as useless as tits on a bull if you don’t then set forth the requisite steps needed to achieve it. Then make THAT your goal.
  2. Sometimes (read as most of the time) the steps needed are not going to be glorious. No, they are more than likely going to be boring, monotonous and will make you want to quit.

It makes me think of fishing. Dad loves it. Sure, it doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty damn efficient at pulling fish after fish out of that river – but I’m pretty sure it runs a little deeper. He just loves casting that rod, standing knee deep in freezing water (for fucking hours). Breathing the air, watching the current and casting. Always casting.

Me on the other hand. I like eating fish. I will cast like a crazed monkey for the first half hour, but if I’m not getting the immediate bump-bump-bump  feedback proving to me that fish are there… I’m done. I start to feel the cold, my feet and back start aching, I’m sure the bait tied to my waist even gets more stinky. I’m not in love with fishing. I just want dinner.

Here’s the secret to eating more fish.

Learn to love the cast.

Love the sun, the water, and the bait. Love that repeated action and love the slowly bubbling water through the river side rocks. This is fishing. This is the work. This, my fish loving friend is the process that must be loved, or at very least endured.

Fitness is no different. Squeezing your eyes shut and hoping for abs simply isn’t going to do the hours of training and meticulous meal prep for you. It won’t push away the timtams , nor is it going to soften the blow that post-deadlift hammies deliver. Every week.

The process must come above all else. The reps, the sweat, the meals, the sleep.

But don’t forget to smile.

Watching dad cast for the 4375th time for that afternoon (admittedly I was on the bank and onto my third beer) he smiled. Not at me, and not at anything in particular at all. Just smiled. This guy was happy to be hitting cast number 4376.

He also caught another damn fish. Process, Process, Process.

Don’t forget that your workouts can (and should) be the best part of your day. You can share that sweat, that personal best, hell even the 48 minutes of cardio with a friend. You can spend it watching game of thrones, or vibing to your most perfectly crafted play list.

You can love the process.

You HAVE to love the process.

If you don’t – reach out, ill help you.