Focus! On the long AND short

Don’t let your focus on the final prize blur your vision of the path to get there.

I want you to imagine being Indiana jones right now. Starting off into a distant corner of some jungle cave after a shining gold statue. Its beautiful, the most magnificent thing you have ever seen. The jewels, the intricate carvings – simply magnificent. You want it. So, eyes locked on your target, you hurriedly take your first bounding step forward and….

Step on a snake and die.

Shit movie right.

This is how you are approaching your fitness goals and its biting you in the ass every single time.

Focus on a grand vision for your self is constantly pushed on us in goal setting sessions, vision board seminars and every Instagram story you subscribe to. And yes, this absolutely has its place in getting you into an action mindset.

BUT. If you are only focussed on the final goal and not the daily, hourly and minute to minute goals you need to hit to make the big thing happen – you’re going to fail.

What I want to show you in this article is how pulling your focus back the smallest next step you need to take can be the key to unlocking your full fitness potential. I am going to show you how legendary entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck uses this in his world to create insane productivity, and how you can apply these strategies to your life.

A quick quote stolen from Gary

“miro impatience, macro patience”

You need to hurry to get the next thing done that is moving you towards your goal while remaining patient for the big goal to arrive.

I’m paraphrasing a little here for simplicity, but this is Gary Vaynerchuck (Author, Entrepreneur and host of multiple podcasts) speaking on his process for achieving greatness. Already the head of multiple 7 figure businesses, Gary has his eyes on the sky. With a dream of buying the New York Jets (his favourite NFL team) you can’t argue the size of his vison.

But here’s the kicker. Although he constantly pushes for hard work, productivity and rushing to the next task – Gary coaches patience. Living every single day in a hurry to get to the next little step, the next mile stone on his journey to owning the New York Jetts while remaining patient in the pursuit. Taking actionable steps every single day and grinding towards his ultimate destination.

And here is where we dive back into fitness.

Our goals can get the better of us in the blink of an eye! Washboard abs, legs that could crush a watermelon or even a 100kg deadlift appear so out of reach for many of us that we don’t even start. Or we do start, but make such a big deal about the end goal that we are perpetually unhappy until we achieve it. This is not a recipe for long term achievement and here’s the two main reasons why.

  1. Focussing on the big picture is overrated

Trust me on this. I have put off launching my own meal plan company for 2 whole YEARS for the fear that it might actually take off and that I wouldn’t be able to handle it. Preparing the year long email sequence, planning for state wide then nation wide expansion and the social media schedule to boot left me totally paralysed and business-less. When I simplified my strategy to – what is the next thing I need to do today to get me closer to launching… life got a whole lot easier to handle. (yes that was a plug, go and get a meal plan damn it!)

Now I’m not an army man myself, but I have heard a story or two. One of which supports the success rate of marines that focus on one step at a time. During hell week these poor bastards have to deal with severe sleep deprivation, extreme physical exertion and more mental torment that you and I face in a life time. The secret… keep moving. The last leg of this test could include a 10mile hike in full battle fatigues with weapons, or a gruelling mountain climb. Let’s not forget that you are wet, sandy and at your absolute physical and mental limit following 6 days of torture.

Guess which marines make it?

The ones that focus on left foot, right foot, left foot.

That’s right, step by step, inch by inch they conquer the mile and earn their stripes

  • The magic happens between the scenes

Just like in comic panels where batman goes from “about to launch off a building in his bat suit” to crashing through a window collecting the bank robber dis-arming him – the magic or movement often happens between the scenes. What I’m saying here is that it’s the in-between bits that count.

If you are solely focussed on the big finale, you will miss the pivotal scene that ties the whole plot line together. A big one for me is drinking.

You have probably noticed more than a few times in my social media posts that a few beers here and there is my real down fall.  This is one of those in-between decisions that makes a HUGE difference to my overall health and fitness.

I can plan my meals, schedule my fasting periods and even book in my workouts for the week – but if I have a few beers with my brother in law on a Sunday after golf… the likelihood of me consuming excess calories (read as: hamburger, fries, thickshake as a minimum) goes through the roof.

This is one of those in between decisions that will totally derail my progress.

Yours might be lunch with your sister. Attending the mid-year staff party. Or, simply letting your husband bring you home a tub of ice cream every Friday.

These aren’t the big decisions (like whether or not to hire a PT, or utilize youfoodz) but they can massively alter the trajectory of your progress.

Sometimes the small decisions are actually GIANTS.

To get started: Make one good decision every day (even if it feels like a small one) and you are going to look back on this year amazed. Like compounding interest, these daily, even hourly choices will allow you to course correct yourself all the way to your final destination.


Fail to rush towards these micro wins, and you will quickly see the macro picture slip away for another year.

Left foot, right foot. Go.