Should you bother setting goals?

Do you even need to set goals?

I hope this posts makes you think a little differently.

Listening to Tim Ferris host an interview with tech icon Jason fried, Tim rattled off the obligatory business question – what are your goals for the next year. Jason’s response might shock you.

“I don’t really have goals”.


A guy running a multi-million dollar company doesn’t have any goals!?

Crazy right, what Jason then dove into was essentially how he lives his life. One day at a time doing trying his very best.

My interpretation: try your best and good things happen.

He made a striking point when relating this mentality to his previous running habit. As most of us driven individuals tend to do, Jason became fixated on taking his mile run time down from 6:45 to be inside 6:30. Unfortunately he quickly found himself getting sick of running and the feelings of missing out when he would eventually run a 6:32. Its crazy to think that 2 seconds difference could completely change how he felt about that workout, but its true.

That’s when he flipped the script.

“What if I just go running, because I like running?”

He began to love his sport again and the dread of slipping his running shoes slowly faded.

There is a vitally important lesson here and I really want you to pay attention.

Goals can help… they can also hurt.

From a really young age we are taught to set goals. To assess ourselves and to tick or cross the box next to those goals on our journey towards success.

But what if you don’t have to do that?

What if you don’t have to feel the disappointment when you only workout 5 times this week instead of the 6 you had planned (an awesome achievement ANYWAY)

What if instead you lived your life with the intent of; I am going to live every day doing my very best.

My very best to be an incredible husband or wife.

My very best to help as many people

My very best to live a healthy life.

With my recent birthday and some deep dive introspection on the past year, its clear to me that my most irritated/frustrated and generally unhappy periods were in “goal mode”

I’m not setting goals for this month – maybe you should try the same?