Whether you like it or not you are growing. Growing taller, more intelligent, faster, stronger. Growing more stationary, more weary, growing old.

The lesson here friends is that if you are going to continue growing…. You may as well start steering the ship.

Personally, I am trying to grow my ability to make fast and accurate decisions. In life and in business this is a mega skill and impacts everything. You ability to pivot in a new direction. Your ability to choose a wife. Your ability to move at any time into a more fruitful path.

And still,  you’re growing.

Watching my daughter, she is growing with out abandon. Every single day she is trying on a new word, a new facial expression and more often than not a combination of the two. She is trying to run before her little feet can keep up and I couldn’t be more proud. Scraped knees and bruises are aplenty in her life right now – and she is still happy. Happy to try again, to run, fall, stand, smile, repeat. I love you Amelia and I am trying to emulate you.

Isn’t it funny, I thought I was the teacher.

I love watching you grow. I love helping you skip a few of the more deadly corners along the way. But most of all I love your smile.

Learn something new today, take another step that makes you grow towards something you truly care about. Just make sure you smile along the way.