Building new fitness habits one blade of grass at a time.

Another amazing piece of wisdom I gained from the Entrepreneurs Summit 2019 came from Jamie Totino. Although I can assure you he was not speaking on the importance of good health habits. I can promise you, the mechanism is sound. I’m paraphrasing pretty heavily here but his speech to the packed Brisbane Summit sounded mostly like this:

“If you walk through a field, sure your feet will bend the grass over – but one day later and with the sun high in the sky, that grass will stand straight back up. Boom, your path is gone”

I love this as a metaphor for habit change. As a part-time Fantasy geek, for me this brings up images of an endless, untouched field leading to a snow capped mountain (Game of Thrones Style)… but back to the deeper meaning. Looking out across this sweeping field, a traveller could create an infinite number of paths through the grass simply by placing is next foot down in a slightly different direction. But how could you make sure you traverse that path again? How could you safe guard yourself from the potholes, snakes and rolled ankles that come with travelling the unknown?

Do it again.

And again.

Forge a path with your feet.

In creating your new path you’re going to have to bend that grass over again and again. Plan out each trip across the field, do a little research and set out with the best hope of success. If you’re smart you will follow the marking sticks left by you the day before. If you are really smart you will follow the markers left by others that have travelled this way before. But beware. Follow only those who can show you they’ve made it to the mountain and be wary of those that direct you only from a map.

Better still, have them guide you the first time you go.

Habits are exactly the same. Take your time to plan exactly what you want to achieve and what requisite habits are needed to get you to your destination. Look back, have you failed because of flawed habits before? Was there a time in your life that everything was working? Examine these successes and failures and plot your course accordingly.

Then walk. Stride confidently at that big beautiful mountain, all the while thinking about the view from the top!

Remember: There is no point walking a path once and thinking it’s going to stay that way.

The sun will come over, the grass will stand on end and your path is going to disappear.  

Unless you walk that path again

And again

And… again.

One last consideration. If you haven’t even stepped FOOT in that field for a few months, a few years, a few decades even? Take a machete. This could be a coach, a podcast, a training partner, an ebook, an article showing you exactly what to do *hint hint* Check this out

If its been a while, the growth over that pathway may be thicker than you remember.

Don’t worry.

Hack, step, hack, step. If you need any help – I’m here for you.