Jump baby, JUMP

I watched something pretty amazing this morning.

A mother of two, FLYING. You heard me, off the ground and onto a knee height box.

It was incredible. Almost as incredible that crept across Sara’s face when she realized just what she had accomplished.

If you are a mum and you think this is impossible – think again.

I met Sara almost a year ago. A very overweight, very unhappy mother of two beautiful boys who had forgotten to look after herself. I see it time and time again in the gym. You Mummy’s are just a touch too effective at putting everyone else first and letting your own health, dreams and happiness slip by the wayside.

Unchecked, this can end with the usual assortment of mummy-malfunctions. Tight sore shoulders from carrying school bags, achy lower backs, a belly that isn’t quite as flat and strong as it used to be… and lets not even bring up the nervous cough, sneeze, jump issue.

You could say that I am acutely aware of my mummy clients at the moment, with my own daughter coming into this world only two months ago. Over the eleven months I have watched my beautiful wife slowly dedicate herself wholly to this baby. Although the slow slip from number 2 to 3 (of course the dog takes prime position of importance in this household) has been confronting, it is beautiful to watch and she is doing it with ease. Food, sleep, supplements, zero booze – every change you could possibly expect from a mother to be. She is nailing it.

But where does it stop?

Will she forever be so totally dedicated to our little baby that she too falls victim to the pain and plumpness so many of my clients suffer? Is she also destined for the mummy tum, and tuckshop lady arms that seem to come as complimentary extras to the motherhood journey?

No. I won’t let her.

I promise that I will dedicate myself to you like you have to our baby, baby.

You are my everything and I will give you every ounce of support and love I can muster, even with the incoming lack of sleep.

You have worked tirelessly to make our little family happen. I will work just as hard to keep you strong and healthy so you can enjoy it.

I’ll apologise now that my inspiring client story has turned into a love letter to my wife. But all of you mums need to hear it. You deserve to be happy and healthy.

If I can help any of you, I’d love to