Fitness tips from a Lioness

Sleep, it will make you happy. A few hours short here and there and you are at a disadvantage (whether you feel it or not)

My point: I bet you don’t sleep enough. AND I bet you are slowly becoming grumpy and fat.

Sleep is natures wonder drug that is going to transform you from a tired, overweight, stressed out pessimist. To the upbeat, thriving, ripped superstar that you have always dreamed about.

Sleep is on of those force multipliers that we can’t figure out just yet.

How come the world’s top performers always get 7-10 hours of sleep tonight and have more time in any given day to crush goal after goal?

It’s because they see the value in rest.

Like a lioness there is also value in sprinting your heart out, catching the zebra and dining on the freshest, most beautiful (although generally cooked rare) meat that you have ever imagined.

But straight after they are probably lying down with the rest of the pride under a grand old tree and contemplating the cloud formations.

But how do you apply this to your own life?

Sprint! Attack your next workout, race to get the best meal you can after ward.

Don’t dawdle.

You dawdle, you die (or at very least gain another few kilos)

But also remember the tree.

Take a bath. Read a book. Take time to rest and recover so you can charge at this thing called life again tomorrow.

The takeaway:

Work when you should be at WORK

And PLAY as hard as you can in the down time.

Sprint, kill, eat, sleep

Sounds pretty alright doesn’t it?