Lollipop Problems

“But, I cant even get out for a 30 minute run these days, so I guess I’m just stuffed” Louise.

If you have ever felt this way, you are wrong.

Talking with a client last week and boiling our way down through the frustrations of raising a newborn and keeping fit we landed on an absolute gem. My client had decided that since she couldn’t get her previously loved (in her 20’s) 30 minute run in the morning that all hope was lost.

A little story:

“If I can’t go for my 30 minute run it just doesn’t seem worth it” Louise stated, unprepared for a reply…

“Bullshit!” I replied to shocked eyes.

“You are acting like a 3 year old right now. Even though you have a red lollipop in your hands, you’re pissed that you couldn’t get a blue one… child!”


More silence.

“You’re right” Louise admitted with ZERO eye contact.

“Don’t worry, we will find a way”… SuperDan to the rescue.

Before you freak out – Louise is strong as hell, an amazing mumma and can take more than her share of tough love when she needs it. And, my strategy worked.

Following on from our initial conversation/confrontation, we dug a little deeper into just why Lou saw no value in any training other than running – and for anything less than half an hour. It was a classic example of “if it isn’t perfect, I don’t want it” – a Lollipop Problem. Even though we had developed a PERFECT program for her to perform at home using her bodyweight, TRX and a hellishly complex cardio circuit… it wasn’t good enough.

It simply wasn’t a blue Lollipop.

Let me tell you this right now… blue and red lollipops taste a little different, but that stick-delivered sugar hit is just a good in both!

I promise.

You might only be able to squeeze 3 sets of 10 lunges while your baby naps, sneak a 20 min walk in during your lunchbreak at work, or you (like some of my terminally ill patients) might only have the strength for 2 squats in your favourite chair every other hour.

Do them.

Do not take your Red Lollipop for granted.