Make it, till you make it: How to overcome exercise inertia

This is an awesome quote I’ve stolen from Chase Jarvis. Entrepreneur, photographer and all round awesome guy – Chase is someone you need to know about. And listen to.

In his new book creative calling, chase sits you down, smacks you in the face and tells you that you’re good enough to start creating. He is explicit in the tools, tips and tactics that will get you creating more and enjoying life.

The crazy piece, he is also dead on when it comes to health and fitness and probably has NO idea.

The piece that stuck out to me was his stance on action first. Speaking creatively, you can never quite tell when that ever-elusive ‘muse’ is going to show up. It goes by many names, inspiration, idea or lightbulb moments but rarely does your muse show up when you need it. I’m here to tell you that it is exactly the same when it comes to your motivation for health and fitness.

Please don’t sit around waiting for that running bug to bite you on the ass, catapult you off of the couch and blow that Cheetos dust of your fingers. It’s just not going to happen. What does happen somewhere around the 28th day after you’ve stuck with your new running regime – is an itch. This is the inertia of all things. Any habit, creative or health related needs inertia. The tricky thing is that inertia can either propel you into a running session you’ve booked in for 6:00am every morning, or it can have you racing past a disused pair of running shoes at 7:00am. It can have you racing back to the gym for another Pilates class, or cruising home with your regular Pinot bottle on a Wednesday night!

But when inertia is keeping you down, how do you turn the tide?

By doing.

Not by strategizing a plan of attack, weighing pros and cons or evaluating workout plans. Do a damn pushup.

Chase calls this ‘making it till you make it’. Making art, any art as often and as prolifically as you can until your psyche pulls you back to that easel. In my humble opinion, chase, you’ve nailed it. Faking it till you make it just doesn’t build that piece by piece inertia that you need. Buying new gym gear, posting on Instagram about your breakfast smoothie (while eating a sausage egg McMuffin) will only slow you down, not speed you up.

You need to make it.

Make it to the gym.

Find a recipe for some healthy meals and make it.

One day you might just turn around and feel like you’ve made it.