Old Faithful

Is there a type of dessert you turn to when you’re not feeling your best? How about a beach you return to year on year to recharge your batteries over summer? Maybe it’s an old pair of jeans that always fit right over the top of your favorite cowboy boots. Whatever it is, and whatever the need, we all have our ‘old faithful’.

For me it is Tony Robins Awaken The Giant Within. This incredible book is what pulls me out of a funk time and time again. I’ve listened and re-listened (the audible version is only an hour an a half long) to this countless time when I have felt my self become wayward. When my motivation is lacking or my direction is completely lost. This book for me is like a lasso that pulls me back to the path, a redirection, a savior.

Now I know that your thinking I have over sold it here with words like savior, but isn’t that exactly what a myth needs. Isn’t it precisely the type of language that gets a point not simply into your head, but deep into your chest and heart.

Tony’s words in this book get my heart beating. They change the way I feel and the way I see the world. My most recent re-listen is amid the tragedy that is Covid19. If I’m honest I am one of the lucky ones. I live in Australia, I am healthy, my family has the ability to stay home and our nations response has stemmed a viscous illness and saved our people.

So why need the book you might ask.

Well. At a time of such uncertainty, direction and drive are hard to find. As a personal trainer, my business and place of trade was swiftly removed (overnight) in a bid to stop this contagion and left me floating. Not sure how the health and fitness world is going to respond, not sure as to where I would be recommencing work left little in the tank to pull on in terms of motivation. Why push when you don’t know where you are pushing, right?


It is your decisions that guide you, not the circumstance you are thrust into. It is your mind that chooses to seek opportunity and thrive or succumb to depression.

It is your actions, words and thoughts that dictate how you will tackle the new world you have been delivered and you had better start choosing these wisely.

It is going to be different, yes. This is a fact and one worth meditating on for a moment. But different does not mean worse. It does not mean difficult, painful or something to fear. It means different.

The lesson. Find your old faithful and use it. Pull out the old record that excites you, the basketball that was kicked under the bed and start moving again.

You might just awaken the giant within.

Thanks tony.