One on one Personal Training

‘I don’t want to be your therapist, I want to get your shoulder sorted so we can train!” Dan Jeffs

Personal training is something I truly believe in and think everyone should try at least once in their life.

Imagine having a coach who knows everything about you and tailors a plan precisely aimed at achieving your goals. Someone who knows you have a weakness for tim-tams in the afternoon, sends you an easy choc-hazelnut protein ball recipe on Tuesday and checks to make sure you made them Wednesday night! Someone to make sure you are nailing technique every workout and making the most efficient steps towards achieving real greatness. Someone to pick you up when things fall apart, and someone to celebrate with when you win!

That is what personal training is to me and I think you would love it.

I offer a range of training packages designed (and customised) to suit your individual needs. Working together we will create a plan for you that meets your budget, addresses any injuries or imbalances in your body and sets you up to achieve exceptional results on your timeline.

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