Overnight success

Health and fitness is a lot like starting a rock band. You get together with a group of friends (or decide to go solo) and you set out after the dream. But, you suck. In the beginning you miss practice time and time again, the instruments you play are beaten and bashed and your touring van looks like something off an FBI watch list. But you persevere. The chords become a second home and eventually you find yourself thinking about your music while you’re at work. When the party invites come, you second guess (at least some of them) to stay home and work on your craft.

As time goes on though, the fruits of your labor don’t quite show up as quickly as you had thought. A few of the less dedicated group members drop out and your left scrambling to get on stage as a full ensemble.

A hiatus. The group disband. Gets back together, then feuds again.

This is all a part of the story until you make it big.

The one song. That one echoing riff that unites the crowd and cements your place in history. An over night success the radio will say. An instant super star.


You have been working at this for the better part of your life! They just don’t know that. And they don’t care.

But here’s the kicker.

The win was actually in writing music. It is in the gentle strum of a chord, the tentative trial of a new solo progression, the up and down of weights or the click clack of the keyboard. The process you applied day in and day out for the years it took to get you here. Doing the work is the reward, not the applause at the end.

Transforming your health and fitness is exactly the same. It is the consistent effort over time, the workouts not skipped and planned meals that change you over time. One day you will look back at the ugly, clunky workouts that you started with. You will forget the strange meal prep concoction you force fed yourself for a whole week. And then you will see how far you’ve come. But you need to start.

I am working hard at becoming an overnight success and it’s a good thing I’ve started early. I hear it can take 10 years!