The day after perfect: Don’t worry if it breaks

This health and fitness thing isn’t easy.

Its simple. Frustratingly so at times.

But it isn’t easy.

I want to talk to you about the day after I last decided to really “hit it” for a month.

I totally flopped it.

Waking up that morning, everything was looking perfect. I had a short day at work, my food was prepped the night before (thanks to my incredible wife). It is what a dream start to a health kick looks like.

Then it all went to shit.

I woke up late, like REALLY late. I usually shoot to wake up about an hour before my PT sessions kick off to allow me a cruisy 30-40 minutes to get ready, eat something, play with the dog and then get out the door with everything I need (hopefully) in my bag.

Waking up at 5:30, a delightful 30 minutes (including a 15-17 minute commute) before your first session equals stress. The kind of stress that gets you into the shower before thinking about your morning cocktail (see Aubrey Marcus book: Own the day, Own your life), that hurrys your through the first hot part of your shower to make sure you have time for the 2mintues of cold exposure. The kind of stress that has you almost trip over the dog’s bed, ballet dance your way down the hall way and dive into your car hoping you have two of the same shoes on.

I wasn’t off to a great start… but it could have been worse.

My sessions were great. I love my clients and working with them gives me true joy.

Flash forward to 11:00, sessions are finished. I have survived at this point on a double shot long black, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and this funky apple cider vinegar/lemon/salt drink I copied out of Aubrey’s book.

BIG flat spot.

I literally hit a wall and just wanted to lie down.

A decent, albeit quickly eaten lunch and I was definitely feeling back on track – but certainly not in the mood to train on a full belly!

(a quick bit of info to make sense of the rest of this story: I had also just bought a beautiful house with a lovely yard. Long story short, grass to mow and hedges to trim).

I got home, smashed out a solid hour and a half of work in the yard, now it was time to work out.


So I didn’t.

With the sister in law on the way over for dinner, it was time to get that sorted and finish preparing the rest of the house for visitors.

Skipping over the 5 beers, 6 tacos and individual chocolate fondant pudding… it was time for bed.

What a terrible first day to a diet, right?


ANY day on your journey to your desired goal is a FANTASTIC day!

How do you think I went on day 2?

I crushed it! (if I do say so myself)

Creating any change is not going to happen in an instant. Sure, you can MAKE the change, the shift of mindset of intention in a split second.  But it is going to take way more than a split second to implement that change and to get everything synced up.

This is where I think a tonne of people come unstuck.

They want to lose weight, they have two good days on the diet and exercise plan that they spent hours and hours developing (or hundreds of dollars buying)  and when Day 3 goes a little awry… they bin it.

Or… probably more common – they default to “never mind, I’ll start next week”


Days like these are a part of the process. Your job is to understand why they happen, what you can do about the things you can control and how you are going to course correct if you are blown off target.

The day after you decide to make a change might just be the hardest day of the whole journey.

Or it might be day 17.

Be ready for it and it won’t de-rail you.

Here’s 5 things you can do on these days to re-set and regain momentum

  1. Write it down – this sounds a bit woowoo but seriously, write it down. If you are stuck in your head and think that the world is ending and your diet is ruined because you had one small piece of cake for a colleagues birthday party at work. Write it down. Writing down beliefs like these is the easiest way to see through the stupidity of them and to get you back on track.
  2. Think about why – people rarely eat half a packet of mint-slice bickies with out a reason. Did you feel under attack at work today? Is the impending deadline keeping you up at night?

Stress, fatigue – these are both super common and super avoidable reasons you are hitting the sugar in a big way. It’s a coping mechanism, it makes us feel good.

Figure out WHY the slip up happened and you can prepare for it in case it happens (and it probably will) again.

  • Plan tomorrow – yup, today wasn’t perfect. But what if the next 4 days WERE perfect? What if you compared one “meh” day + 4 “I am freakin’ amazing” days to your behaviour last week. Wouldn’t you still be miles in front?

Good. Focus on that!

  • Tell your trainer (if you don’t have a trainer, get a bloody trainer) – we are here for you. There is a 100% chance that all of our clients, and us at some point has slipped off the fitness wagon.  We can help you sort through the tricky emotions and thoughts that might pop up and get you back on track and feeling amazing much faster than you could on your own.
  • Breathe – I know, another woowoo one. Guys, I cannot tell you how much a meditation, stillness, minfulness, chill out, slow down, thought clearing, mind declutter (whatever you want to call it) practice can do for you.

Personally, I hate the word meditation. It is way too loaded in our society and comes with strings attached (usually rainbow coloured, crystal filled, incense smelling strings). But sit down and breath, literally for 5 breaths and things will settle down. The noise will back off, the engine will rev a little softer and you might just find the space to realise that one day is not going to ruin your plans for health and fitness.

Take a moment, breath, and get back to it.

Trust me, one or all of these 5 tips is going to be enough to stop the heartache/meltdown that is inevitably going to come with changing your eating and exercise patterns.

Use them and tell me which one works best for you