Life, work, love, hurt, dragons & werewolves

This life thing is hard. From the moment we are thrust onto this earth the challenges begin. Breathing is new, feeding is troublesome and don’t even get me started on that crawling and walking adventure we’ve unwillingly signed up for. Then, we get to the running, jumping, falling stage. You body is in for a world of hurt here baby, I hope you see it coming. And after all THAT, when the scraped knees are healed and the bones mended, the hurt changes. Enter the messy-as-hell school, work, love bit.

We have obstacles, hurdles and all manner of things to battle with as this life goes on. Be prepared or you’re going to suffer. But maybe suffer is the wrong word. Maybe work is the word. But that still feels a little too rigid for life, right? You don’t ‘work’ for your first kiss (OK, some of us do). And I wouldn’t necessarily call my daughters efforts towards rolling over ‘work’. It looks more like play to me. There is a tonne off effort expended, sure. And her lungs are well equipped to let you know exactly when she has had her fill of repeat efforts for the flip over. Luckily, she has dad’s carefully weighted hand to assist on that last try and make it happen. Her face when she succeeds is truly amazing. The joy and delight she experiences on her first roll of the day is something I think we sorely miss as we get older. Life becomes less novel and the new experiences dry up. Through lack of effort and attention, we gain less new abilities as the years roll on. We consolidate hard on the old patterns (good or bad) and trudge through another monotonous day of the same old same old.

Stop. You don’t need to go down this path. You need a change baby.

If there is even a thirty minute window in your week, I want you to learn something new. Grab a different perspective on life from a podcaster you haven’t listened to before. Pull out one of your dusty cook books and make something incredible for that special someone in your life. join a gym maybe, try picking up something heavy a few times.

This life is long. And the challenges are many. The secret is that you get to pick most of the challenges you face. Don’t feel like facing dragons this month. Maybe opt for a werewolf instead. Pick a beast within your grasp (or just out of it) and put in the reps required to slay it. There is little value in extreme overshoots. These battles will only leave you battered, bloody and defeated. Not craving the arena again.

You need to fight another day, so pick your battles carefully.

Start today. Crawl, walk, run, lift, cook, love, learn. Do something. Pick a challenge and chase it.

At the end of the month I promise you’ll be happy you did.