Pre-dawn Preparation

If you cant tell, I am currently in my third re-watch of the Vikings series. Ragnar and his wild viking army is perched just outside the castle gates with the unsuspecting English inside sipping tea (or something like that). They are waiting. Calmly sharpening a sword, rehearsing a few strokes with that new honed blade or simply resting against a tree dreaming about the glory of Valhalla.

This is where I am right now.

No, not on a battle field. And absolutely not holding anything sharp.

Tomorrow I am going to sprint.  I have set forth a super-tough challenge for myself involving all things health and fitness. Fourteen pre-written workouts, meal prep, planned cheat meals, booked massages – the lot. Meditation, sleep, hydration. In the next two weeks I am going to become a freaking athlete!

But right now it is the day before, the very hours before dawn when we attack.

I have no fear, for I know the battle will be short. I enjoy swinging that sword. So why be nervous? Why worry about the finer detail. Rise, attack, rest, repeat.

My battle plan may look simple, but I have put in the hours to make sure I am ready.

At dawn we attack. But for now we drink and dream.