Small faltered steps: How to keep going when your fitness goals fall over

Watching my beautiful young daughter learn to run the other day, I saw a lot of myself. Not in her eyes, her hair colour or any of the usual familial traits. In her will. This bright eyed, wild haired 19month old raced down that grassy hill again and again. Falling on her face almost every time.

But that wouldn’t stop her.

She’d stand up, smile at me, say “dad, watch”, brush the grass stains away as best she could and then charge right back to the top of the hill and start again.

When you are young you welcome failure. You welcome the small faltered steps because you know that the next one will be better. Where does that go when you get older?

How come we seek out safety and surety in our later years?

Maybe its because the falls seem more serious. Less grazed knees more…. Decapitation. Maybe it’s because through school failure is seen as a flaw not an opportunity to learn and improve.

Maybe we are just afraid.

But it isn’t that way at all – unless you want it to be.

You don’t need to learn to sing in front of a 1000 strong crowd, you can start at home. You don’t need to make your first motorcycle goal to jump the Bellagio fountains – maybe work on the balance bit.

Health and fitness is no different. Take as many small steps as you can every single day. Change one habit, modify another, be mindful of your vices and lean into them if the time is right.

Its ok to make smaller bets, they will roll into bigger ones I can assure you.