Sway: How to manage your fitness goal flexibility.

It’s important that you can give a little. Not to charity, not to family, not to your clients. But to yourself.

If you’re anything like me you have dreams that need to be chased and goals that need ticking off. Each one of these have a million steps that need to take place and more than a few sacrifices that need to be made.

But what if you planned for some flexibility? What if you allow yourself a little lee-way.

What if instead of a rigid approach to your health and fitness, you sway a little in the wind like the statue of liberty.

That huge copper lady can sway up to a whole foot at the top when the wind is whipping across that island. Trust me, I’ve climbed all the way (albeit internally) to her crown and you can absolutely feel the weather effect you on the way up.

This incredible testament to engineering doesn’t have her standing rigid in the face of external forces. But rather, she dances with them. She sways left and then right and allows the worlds will to move her. A little. She’s playing her part in the dance but always returns to her original standing place

This is the secret to longevity.

If her structure was too rigid, eventually something would give. The immense forces created at her feet by the wind at her fingertips would surely send her toppling into the river. The same holds true for your health and fitness ambition.

These external forces aren’t wind and they go by many names. Birthdays, gifts, romance, care and cadence. They look like a wine bottle opened on an anniversary or a training session missed to help a family member in need. Hold too tightly to your rigid structure and something is likely to break. Be too loose and your form might be bent out of shape entirely.

So do neither. Find a strong middle ground that lets you endure. Have a glass of wine sure, just not eight. Skip that one Monday morning workout knowing full well that you could sneak in an extra long walk on Friday.

Return, return, return – this is the key

You must always have a strong and stable structure to return to. Fail to have this and you will be at the weather’s beck and call.

Bend, sway, dance but keep your balance.