You aren’t that special: Fitness advice from a Viking

‘Perfect’ Our social media soaked 2019 will make you think that you deserve perfect. Don’t believe the hype. ‘Perfect’ is shimmering mirage, a fantasy. You could be sitting on a white sand beach in Thailand right now, waiting on your third double pina colada delivery and still not think life is perfect. I mean really, that cocktail could have been … Read More

Dieting and your mental health: 5 Ways to avoid diet DEPRESSION

Losing weight is not fun. Or at least it can have its really shitty moments that make you want to throw in the towel completely and demolish a whole packet of TimTams (this is a true story from one of my clients). What I want you thinking about as your start your weight loss journey isn’t the glorious highs that … Read More

Building new fitness habits one blade of grass at a time.

Another amazing piece of wisdom I gained from the Entrepreneurs Summit 2019 came from Jamie Totino. Although I can assure you he was not speaking on the importance of good health habits. I can promise you, the mechanism is sound. I’m paraphrasing pretty heavily here but his speech to the packed Brisbane Summit sounded mostly like this: “If you walk … Read More

Lollipop Problems

“But, I cant even get out for a 30 minute run these days, so I guess I’m just stuffed” Louise. If you have ever felt this way, you are wrong. Talking with a client last week and boiling our way down through the frustrations of raising a newborn and keeping fit we landed on an absolute gem. My client had … Read More

Why your PT loves spin classes!

This one is a little bit on an insider / confession piece written by me, about me. I use group fitness classes at my gym to cheat calories out of my clients ALL THE TIME! Seriously, there is no easier way for me to guarantee my clients lose the weight that they want and feel the incredible benefits of being … Read More

Menu Planning: How to plan your meals and lose weight

I’m sure I am not alone in saying that one of the most frustrating questions you can be asked is ‘what is for dinner?’ when you haven’t even downed your first mouthful of breakfast! Now I am not pointing any fingers (husband!) but there comes a time where intervention is needed (and unfortunately saying something witty like ‘I don’t mind … Read More

4 Rules for Fitness: Simple steps to get you looking and feeling incredible

4 Rules for Fitness: Simple steps to get you looking and feeling incredible   Carbohydrates belong between 10am-3pm Those carbs should be only dug up, harvested, or collected. (no there is no such thing as a pasta tree) Get enough sleep Move your ass every day. Rule One: Intermittent fasting-ish… I am drawing this rule from a little bit of … Read More