Sand, sun, oasis, work.

If you are anything like me right now, you’re tired. Your shoulders ache from the handstand push ups your idiot friend decided to program for your Tuesday workout and your eye lids are feeling a little heavy. You might have small ache in the low left side of your back, a niggle that has hung around too long. And a … Read More

Pre-dawn Preparation

If you cant tell, I am currently in my third re-watch of the Vikings series. Ragnar and his wild viking army is perched just outside the castle gates with the unsuspecting English inside sipping tea (or something like that). They are waiting. Calmly sharpening a sword, rehearsing a few strokes with that new honed blade or simply resting against a … Read More

Temptation, you fickle bitch

Temptation you fickle bitch you got me again. I was just sitting here, minding my own damn business and you had to chasse that sexy ass over onto my lap. I didn’t even make eye contact with you but you knew it was me. It was probably the way I averted my gaze that made me so obvious.  You slink … Read More

Don’t Eat the Cookie

To be honest, I don’t even want to eat the cookie. Sitting at this beautiful café in the middle of the gold coast you could easily be fooled into thinking that the world is perfect. The sun is shining through the floor to ceiling glass to my right and the awning is just perfectly obscuring that superb sunlight from my … Read More

Back to the barbell

For me the barbell is a base point. Like a homing pigeon I return here time and time again. A home base. A recurring theme from a younger, more vibrant stage. A comfortably uncomfortable pair of shoes that you love slipping into when the time is right. But why was the time ever wrong? What caused you to stray into … Read More

Early morning musings

As I sit writing  this for you at 4:30 in the morning, I want you to know I am happy. Sitting, smiling like a fool tapping away on my keyboard on this dark, cold July morning. This is not a story of how great my life is and how yours pales in comparison I promise you. I don’t own a … Read More

Focus! On the long AND short

Don’t let your focus on the final prize blur your vision of the path to get there. I want you to imagine being Indiana jones right now. Starting off into a distant corner of some jungle cave after a shining gold statue. Its beautiful, the most magnificent thing you have ever seen. The jewels, the intricate carvings – simply magnificent. … Read More

Jump baby, JUMP

I watched something pretty amazing this morning. A mother of two, FLYING. You heard me, off the ground and onto a knee height box. It was incredible. Almost as incredible that crept across Sara’s face when she realized just what she had accomplished. If you are a mum and you think this is impossible – think again. I met Sara … Read More

Building new fitness habits one blade of grass at a time.

Another amazing piece of wisdom I gained from the Entrepreneurs Summit 2019 came from Jamie Totino. Although I can assure you he was not speaking on the importance of good health habits. I can promise you, the mechanism is sound. I’m paraphrasing pretty heavily here but his speech to the packed Brisbane Summit sounded mostly like this: “If you walk … Read More

Lollipop Problems

“But, I cant even get out for a 30 minute run these days, so I guess I’m just stuffed” Louise. If you have ever felt this way, you are wrong. Talking with a client last week and boiling our way down through the frustrations of raising a newborn and keeping fit we landed on an absolute gem. My client had … Read More